Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lalazar The most beautiful Hill station of Pakistan.

Hingol national Park is just like a gift for nature lovers in Karachi.View of Hingol river.

Another shot of Fairy Meadows.

A beautiful waterfall on the way to Naran.

Opposite to Nathia Gali

The Beautiful Peak of Miran Jani just opposite to Nathia Gali (the Famous Hill Station) now the part of Ayubia national park. The thick Forest of Monsoon rains is a home to Leopards.


Hards sedimentary rocks and Lush green grass both are combined in one beautiful place named as “Chillam”. Pine Trees are there on the other side of the valley.

Phandee Village

Most of the Local Pakistani tourists usually neglect Chitral, Ghizer and Dir areas considering them to be the less beautiful and important than other parts of Pakistan’s Northern Areas but perhaps they don’t know that every part has it’s own beauty and charm. Here is the picture from Phandee Village in Chitral, Pakistan. This is near to the Phander Lake located very closed to this area.

Neelum Valley

This title is perfect to define the beauty of Neelum Valley in Azad jammu and Kashmir which is in Pakistan’s Control.. The Beautiful forests continue on their way across the line of control into the Indian held Kashmir and finally mountains converts into the flat plain of Kashmir Valley. This area is not far from the soul of Kashmir THE KASHMIR VALLEY which is in Indian Control. On the northern side (further into Pakistan) the forests end soon and these mountains become even more high and finally Snow capped. The very calm Indigo Blue Neelum River can be seen in the picture.

Swat valley in Pakistan

the Swat valley in Pakistan resemble the beauty of Canadian Rockies. Perhaps September is not the best time to visit this area because the snow on the Rockies melts at this time of the year one should visit there always in mid June when the peaks glitter with snow.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Village Auon Chitral Pakistan

The Baltoro Glacier Pakistan

Satpara Lake Pakistan

Rohtas Fort

Road to Skardu Pakistan

Road to Nathia gali Pakistan

Road going from Murree to Kohala Pakistan

Payee Lake Pakistan

Passu Pakistan

Passu Glacier as seen from the Karakorum Highway near Passu Village Gojal Pakistan

Pakistan The Largest Land of Glaciers

Nushki Dersert

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New bridge in Skurdu Pakistan

Lulusar Lake Pakistan

Lobsang Spire Pakistan

K2 Base Camp Pakistan

Islamabad-Muzaffarabad Motorway Pakistan

hanna lake snow quetta

Gwadar, Pakistan

deosai BridgePakistan

Deosai National Park